We recognize that…

We are desperately in need of Christ to do a work in our hearts and lives in a real, meaningful way.

Community is of the utmost importance in our lives and walks with Christ.

Every day, thousands of individuals die without Christ.

Billions live without access to knowledge of who God truly is.


Every human being must have adequate presentation of the Good News of Christ.

Our call to obedience to the Great Commission means we must go, not stay, make disciples, not converts, and go to all nations, not stay where we are comfortable.


We are those that make every effort to bring the Gospel to every man, woman, and child on the face of Earth.

We are those who pursue God as our Creator, Provider and Father, through Jesus my Savior, Lord and Friend.

We are those who pursue those far from God, loving them as Jesus loves them, relating and serving as witnesses in word and deed, loving even enemies.

We are those who rely on the Holy Spirit and the Bible to lead, guide and empower me to live, love and serve for God’s glory.”

We are those who pray diligently for people who do not yet know Christ, especially those unreached with the Good News.

We are those making disciples in neighborhoods and centers in these urban nuclei’ and major surrounding suburban areas. We train these disciples to create simple churches in their own networks locally and abroad.

We are those who build movements of national led churches established in urban centers locally and throughout the darkest corners of the world.

Help wanted: Desperate sinners transformed by Jesus to start a revolution. Inquire within.